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Web design service

Even if you are a small company or even in business as a one-man band I feel having an effective web site is not a luxury but a necessity.

Creating the web site is the easy part, creating a web site that conveys your clear message is the art. Too many websites out on the internet fail basic rules; the message can be lost in fancy graphics, or a flash animation that distracts or a huge collection of menus that confuses, or general clutter even on the home page of the site.

I offer clean design, uncluttered pages where your product, service and message comes across straight away and with clarity. In today's world a website is invariably the first port of call for anybody wishing to gain information about you / your company or for people conducting general research on a product or service. For this search to become a commitment to buy this visitor requires a number psychological steps by the client and a good website is one that helps these steps in their content, design and a text to persuade even the suspicious.

I will always listen, never preach or insist on my way for your web solution. This has to be a team effort and the more input I can get from you the better the final result will be. I look forward to this collaboration.

Is content king?

The content of a web site (that includes text, images, videos etc.) has to be king, that is what makes a web site. The situation is usually quite straightforwards with images and videos, they need to be clear, relevant and in the right dosage. With text there are more fine points to consider as words convey more than basic information, they colour the style of a site, hopefully keep the reader interested, to draw him / her more to the message / product. In addition it is these words that search engines will index, again and again (when these keywords are repeated they are emphasised in the system) and with that the page and the whole site will build up a basket of keywords. The range of keywords in separate parts of the web site will re-inforce each other and as this range widens, so does the ability to capture a wider range of searches. In other words the site will be easier to find as long as the person types in a search engine those highly repeated or prominently assigned words in the web site.

A good copy-writer needs to distill information to its basics, present the information in easy to read sentences avoiding repetition, excessively long sentences and good fluency. This is a challenge I am happy to rise to, to get your message clearly heard and reaching the widest net.