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What are favicons?

These are mini symbols or logos that help brand a web site and help to user to find the page in a long list of favourites indexed in the browser. Because of their small size, 16x16 pixels, only basic letters or designs could be seen, and they are becoming very popular as new versions of browsers fully support these, though there are exceptions. If you are using a compatible browser, you should be able to see my green eye symbol above in the extreme left of the browser window.

Which browsers are compatible?

In Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Explorer 6, a shortcut icon does not appear on the address bar unless the user chooses to add the page as a favorite. In Internet Explorer 7 the icon is visible both in address bar and in the shortcut listings, and when used with Vista, the icon can be stretched to a slightly larger size, upto 32x32 pixels. Recent versions of Opera, Firefox, Safari and Netscape all support favicons.

How can they be created?

They have to be saved as an .ico file and 2 ways then can be created: Either through image editing software such as photoshop (with a free plugin available here:) and saved as an .ico file with that plugin installed, or automatic online services, many of which are free - examples:

  • FavIcon from Pics
  • Dynamic Drive FavIcon Generator
  • and the code?

    within the head title of the page, this is the one-liner you need, and nothing else:

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.mydomain.com/myicon.ico"/>