Price comparison site marketing:
The way to reach bigger markets

Price comparison site marketing: How to use the services of external sites to market your goods and services


There is a whelter of web sites out there who offer price comparison services which are being used for a whole range of services from car insurance to mobile phones. In addition there are 'brand' sites such as Amazon, which while selling goods themselves, welcome external associates to sell under the same brand, in return they will take a commission from the sale. And then there are auction sites such as e-bay which also allow for 'shops' to be set up, in return for a maintenance fee. Finally there are free product submission platforms, the biggest being Google Shopping, and each have their attractions and drawbacks.

Price Comparison sites

Although some people view these sites with suspicion, the reality is these sites such as comparethemarket, money supermarket, go compare etc. have seen dramatic increases in recent years. Each comparison site issues detailed instructions on the fields for their feed and the order in which they should be presented. The system works on a pay-per-click basis, with a fee charged each time a visitor clicks through to your site.

Amazon Marketplace

Here product information and photo needs to be uploaded to the Amazon Marketplace network, where your products will be seen alongside other suppliers of the same or similar product, in a style similar to price comparison sites. Products are then purchased while benefiting from the popularity, security and reputation of the Amazon site, but you deliver the order direct to the customer and pay Amazon a fee for every item sold.

E-bay shops

E-bay stores can offer a cost effective solution for smaller companies who require a method of eCommerce and stock control. By building an online eBay Store linked from your website, visitors can purchase and pay for products using eBay and PayPal. There is a rent fee and a minor commission with sales.

Google Shopping

This is a free service allows you to list your products on the Google Shopping network, which shows three relevant products within an ordinary search engine results page (SERPS). Increasingly, people are using Google Shopping search results as a comparison site for branded product searches. I can manage the listing, updating product, availability and price changes on an ongoing basis to ensure that the enquirer sees the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Group discount promotion sites

This is a more recent development with the leader in the field being the American company Groupon (launched in Chicago November 2008), but it already has a massive following. Discounts offered don't have to be massive, yet they allow the product / brandname to be heard by a whole new audience, so even if they don't purchase then and there, the name marketing could bring benefits in the long-term.

The common thread with all these options is that you could reach a potentially massive audience of people who trust these sites and the products that they offer. Reaching the buying masses on your own can be uphill struggle...