Portfolio: The evidence of the past, ideas for the future

From customer vision to web reality, the story behind some of my recent web projects...

1- Talent Unlimited

The brief: To create a community site to help promote music students, advertise their concerts to help make them a name and gain some income for them, elicit funds for the charity, help inspire the promoted artists and the wider musical community through in a tough world of high fees and high competition.

The result: Use of an unusual block menu and use of red in key words / links, online interviews of artists to deepen the knowledge above that of their biography with videos embedded to make the visitor experience fulfilling. A feedback form gives the visitors a say in the project, and helps to build up a community spirit, helped by a Facebook page that is co-linked to the web site. Visitor numbers and enquiries are increasing with this new project.

2- Anglo-Turkish Society

The brief: To create a community site of a well established charity and social society to help better inform members of events and attract new members.

The result: Use of a range of attractive images of Turkey with a hover function to expand so as not to take too much screen space, arranging for lecture summaries and where permission can be sought, online videos of these talks placed online, embedded in this web site, gradually creating a rich archive going back in time. The web site is fully bilingual and this has clearly brought some extra visitors from Turkey. The web visitor numbers are increasing and a new book review section has been added to increase readable content.

3- Papplewick Pumping Station

The brief: To create a web site to highlight the beauty of this location, provide education material, help promote the saving of water, help promote money generating activities including wedding ceremonies at the pump house and a 'steam experience' where the boilers can be fired up by paying visitors.

The result: The creation of a web site that reflects the theme of water in design and downloadable materials, with use of photo galleries to highlight the suitability of this unusual location for weddings, and there has been a marked increase in the booking of this venue for weddings and 'civil partnerships'.

4- Levantine Heritage Foundation

The brief: To create a web site to elicit funds of donations and encourage people to join as paid members in economically straightened times. To show that the Foundation is going to act honestly to ensure maximum research is gained from funds that are available.

The result: The creation of a web site that reflects the theme of a serious historical subject, with images of etchings from the Levant, contrasted against a dark background, an explanation of the aims of the Foundation, profiles with photos of its trustees, and a page each dedicated to encourage donations and joining up as paid members, using graphics and multiple paypal options to maximise 'conversion'.

5- Kiran Indraganti

The brief: To create a web site to showcase the work and activities of a documentary film maker in India with a look that is unique and eye-catching.

The result: The web site uses an organic theme of falling maple leaves drifting across the pages and the text weaves around it, creating an element of individuality and one of connection with nature emphasised with the green tones of the background. The addition of subtle red arrow links allows for the site to be navigated without over-whelming the visitor with information.

6- Asfar

The brief: To create a web site to highlight the work and activities of a new academic forum on Middle Eastern studies, a place of networking and exchanging ideas.

The result: The web site avoided a 'dry' look through the addition of a slider image system and a wide variety of images, with each page having a unique set, to highlight the diversity of subjects and visual material the Middle East offers. Another way that the site avoided the strongly academic feel was by the addition of background images that didn't fight the design, and each page having an individual coordinated colour theme shown on the banner, favicon and top and bottom lines to emphasize the variety of the topics / geography covered.

6- RAFT: Ramoji Academy of Film and Television

The brief: To create a fresh looking web site to a new film and television school in South India established in 2011 to attract a wider range of students and people connected with these industries.

The result: The reflect the theme of a multidisciplinary field, use of a wide range of images, all from the location, creation of visible profiles of the academics and the laying out of the school ethos, fees and equipment avaible.