Persuasive content copy-writing: Not forcing it

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People are not robots, they are like us! Turning the tables round to yourself is always a good place to start, what makes a web site more interesting to read for you than another one? Why is some text more convincing and appears more knowledgeable? Why is it sometimes you read the first few sentences of a text and you are already put off, while another writer gets your attention straight away?

Copy-writing is not an exact science and I will list the basic elements as I see them. These basic principles I fell will apply regardless of the nature of the text, of the product or service.

1- Ensure the text is free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and the sentences are not too long, too filled with jargon and there is the minimum of repetition, and points are made quickly and succinctly.

2- Never copy text, it will show. Even avoid 'rewording', this is a lazy way of doing things and again people may sense you don't fully comprehend the matter and it will be devoid of your style and approach. It is important to be yourself and have the knowledge required to talk about the product. Copying blocks of text can also be detected by search engines and the site can be penalised for that.

3- It is important to talk to your visitors on the right level, sometimes 'you' will work, at other times a 'respectful distance' is more appropriate for that product / service / web site style. The tone needs to be the correct balance between being a friend and a teacher and it is important this level is maintained through the site.

4- Write persuasively, include catchy headings without being cliché, if you make claims, back them up, and don't pack too much information in one go. Ease the reader gradually and keep a light tone throughout. And don't veer too much from the subject with anecdotes or jokes etc. Keep the readers' minds focused on the product.

5- Have a plan, such as how to ease the reader, persuade with the text and convert them to a willing buyer and provide the tools for them to commit to buy, and don't make that a challenge for them to find that button etc.

6- Write 'freestyle', allowing your logical thought train to dictate the text that will ideally also follow this logical progression. Sometimes this will not work, our thoughts as we write may veer to directions that are too far from the product and relevance to it. So it is a good thing to read it out again, amend and delete sections and avoid rambling on once the point is made.