High visibility:
Sometimes less is more

How can a web site be eye catching and have a high visibility - the two don't have to be mutually exclusive

Graphics, pictures, diagrams, charts, videos all matter in a web site. Used in the right dosage they will both support the text and engage the visitor. The balance is important here, if graphics take the centre stage, this can be highly off-putting to your target audience, I am happy to guide you to find a happy medium that will also be shown by the profile of web visitors which can be broadly monitored.

Tailoring text content to the target market is the real essential ingredient of a web site as 99% of your customers are going to search for you using words not images. It is the intelligent selection and re-inforcement of keywords that is going to get you the lion share of that audience using those keywords. It is a case of reverse engineering, figuring out how your clients are likely to find that product and service, tailoring the script and supporting graphics to fit that bill. Then monitoring the results over time, adjusting the criteria, widening and deeping the keyword spread, adding fresh new graphics if required, and keeping the whole look fresh.

Few people will admit to visiting web sites for attractive graphics or photographs, yet this is the easiest information for our brains to process and it is entertaining for people who like browsing the web. Imagery if used correctly will also hook up these browsing people, and even if they are not a customer today, they will be more likely to visit your site and thus more likely to purchase.