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Frequently asked questions - any not covered here, just contact me!

Domain names

Can I have a .com or other domain name?

Certainly, I can show you the cheapest place to purchase, but if you wish for me to be the domain name holder, I can offer that service as well.

What restrictions are there in buying / owning domain extension?

Nominet, the governing authority for UK names, describes the rules for the registration of .uk domains. There are additional restrictions on registrations in some second level domains. For example, to register a domain ending .ltd.uk or .plc.uk you must be a company of the appropriate type and the domain name must be your company name. Top level domains like .com have effectively no restrictions - details:

Can I use a domain name I have already purchased?

Certainly, using an established name always help in people finding you again and with Search Engine Optimisation. I can advise you with whom to host if you do not have that facility yet.

Web design

How quickly will my site appear on search engines?

As soon as we have made the web site, I will notify Google and Yahoo through their submission system. Search engines can take several weeks to visit your site and analyse the content, however with special code I will be able to report exactly what Google sees in your web site and we can then tweak the text and presentation to improve what is emphasized. There are several methods to help speed this process up and these are all done as part of my standard service.

Do you have a guide to the various web terminology?

The web site has jargon buster page which will is designed to explain all the different words and phrases in web design and search engine optimisation. If anything is still not clear, feel free to ask us. It is all part of the service.