E-commerce: The nuts and bolts of making money online

How to sell: The art of gentle persuasion

Selling online has the big challenge, it maybe relatively easy for your customer to find you, but it will only take a few seconds for them to move away as there are plently of rival web site out there. The decision made to stay or leave your site is based on a whole series of factors, the look, the information, the level of confidence your site exudes and sufficient information to re-assure purchaser and an easy yet gentle pathway to purchase.

There are a number of ways a purchase can be affected in a web site and a 'buy now' button, is only one of these. This could also include a call from a customer, request to get a call back, or a visit. For high value items a straight sale on the web brings extra challenges, though we shouldn't ignore the likelihood and the right of the customer to shop around. This is where the overall design of the e-commerce site will come to its own.

I am happy to explain the various different types of e-commerce solutions, their relatives merits. In addition I can advise on ways your products can be listed in Google shopping and e-bay or amazon associate shops.