3D & Graphic Design: To create to persuade; seeing is believing

Graphic & 3D Design: Is it really important?

It takes more that text to create an effective web site. I can provide a multi-media service consisting of photography, logo creation, static or animated banners, architectural visualisation or 3d design and animation.

Some examples of my recent work are below, please contact me for a no-obligation quote.

3d visualisation: Work for a remotely operating venetian blind company. Using lightwave 3d, Autodesk Combustion, and Adobe Flash.

3d visualisation of quarry vehicles

Visualisation of a Mars base rendered in Vue Infinite.

3d visualisation of stranding on an alien planet using lightwave, poser and landscaped and rendered in Vue Infinite.

3d architectural visualisation.

Stop-motion clay animation

If you require custom music to be created to go along either an existing video or a postulated multi-media presentation, I also offer that service, details: